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IP Core Evaluation Packages

Evaluation packages are convenient educational tools for familiarization and basic experimentation with the ARINC 818 protocol. (They are not intended for production development.) Great River offers packages, including the development board and FPGA listed, for these Xilinx FPGA families:

 Dev BoardFPGAPrice
Spartan 6SP605XC6SLX45T-FGG484-3C$ 7,000
Virtex 6ML605XC6VLX240T-1FFG11568,500
Spartan 6 transmitter design
ARINC 818 transmitter system design (above) and receiver system design (below) for the Spartan 6 evaluation package. All GRT evaluation packages include reference designs.

Each package is available with ARINC 818 links at 2.125 or 3.1875 Gb/s. All come with a compatible Matrix PCIe card and a working reference design for setting up the development configuration.

Spartan 6 reciever design

The Matrix card delivers:

Matrix PCIe base software is included on a CD-ROM:

The ARINC 818 IP core for your particular FPGA is also on the CD-ROM and includes: