Velocity for 4K video and beyond

Learn what's now possible from ARINC 818, the Avionics Digital Video Bus.

Download our ARINC 818 Development Suite and Flyable Products. Learn more about Velocity and how it's delivering more from a great protocol.

Great River Technology is the world leader in ARINC 818. We participated in creation of the protocol, and our innovations enabled its advancing functionality. Bring your high-speed video challenges to a company with more than one hundred ARINC 818 implementations under its belt.

Glossary of ARINC 818 terms

ARINC 818 Product Suite


Flyable Video Converter Module

Extend the life of flyable components with cost-effective integration into ARINC 818 architecture.

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Frame Grabber / Video Generator

Capture and display video streams via Velocity (PCIe Gen 3 x8), Matrix Plus (PCIe8), and Matrix (PCIe4 or XMC) cards.

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Titan TI-04

Eight channels of full-featured ARINC 818 recording.

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Command unprecedented capacity for applications including factory ATE, flight testing, and simulations.

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Europa icon


Develop, test, and simulate ARINC 818 interfaces with a rugged, compact system.

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A medium-sized platform supports engineering development and simulation of ARINC 818 systems.

Xf Tuner GUI

Xf Tuner

Adjust ARINC 818 protocol in real time; inject errors into the stream. Upgrade Titan, Callisto, or Europa.

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HS SAM icon


Use the High Speed Stand Alone Module for flight testing or in the lab.


Matrix MultiCard

Take control of up to nine ARINC 818 channels via an intuitive GUI. Upgrade Titan, Callisto, or Europa.

Video and Protocol Analyzer Icon

Video and Protocol Analyzer

Validate the ARINC 818 protocol and key timing parameters. The video explores a great new feature enabling analysis of multiple embedded streams.

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Pantera Switch

Employ smart switching without breaking or corrupting frames.

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IP Core

Easily implement interfaces using Xilinx or Altera PLDs.


Consult an Engineer

Discuss your project needs with an ARINC 818 expert from GRT, the global leader in ARINC 818 implementation.

Make or Buy IP Core?

A White Paper by Paul Grunwald spells out the criteria for a make-versus-buy decision.

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