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Photo of Video and Protocol Analyzer Gen II


Video and Protocol
Analyzer, Generation II

Manage multiple embedded streams

Multi Stream is a new standard feature of the VPA, empowering it to tackle ARINC 818 interfaces with multiple embedded streams of high-speed video. For example, a system designer sending multiple sensor streams over a single cable can use it to study each component stream separately. Take a three-minute video tour.

The Video and Protocol Analyzer (VPA) verifies compliance of designs against the ARINC 818 standard. The VPA software and interface accurately and efficiently decode and display data and flag errors.

New features in Gen II include a full-resolution image for pixel-to-protocol correlation (screenshot below), profile generation, unknown source analysis, and alternate GUI languages.

Traditional features have all been retained:


Interface features

Key fields of the VPA include Trigger, Raw Data, Data Search, Data Histogram, Profile, Link Status, Container and ADVB Frame Details, Video Resolution, Video Frame and Line Timing, ADVB and Container Header Decoding, and Automatic Error Checking.

image of Video Protocol Analyzer interface
Pixel-to-protocol correlation: Double-click the thumbnail on the VPA II GUI to open a full-resolution image. Select a pixel and correlate the Data View. For full descriptions of these and other interface features, see the VPA II datasheet.

Software Development Kit

As an option, GRT now offers a Windows-based SDK with for the VPA. Create routines to open and close the card, load profiles, set up triggering parameters, and much more.

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