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GRT offers 1-, 2-, or 3-channel embedded ARINC 818 converters.

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Video Converter Module (VCM)

Extend the life of airborne video components by quickly linking them to ARINC 818 architecture. The VCM is a flyable, rugged version of GRT's Stand Alone Module, which has proven itself for years in labs, simulators, and aircraft production facilities.

Illustration of a flyable video converter module
Flight-ready, EMI-shielded VCM with a 4-tab bracket. Three other mounting options are also available for maximum flexibility.

A flight-hardened VCM can be ordered for any one of the following standard configurations:

In addition, custom analog conversions are also possible:

Call for details.

GRT will match the VCM to your ICD. The unit can be certified to DO-254 (Level B) and DO-160. Enclosed in a flight-ready, robust enclosure of 113 x 98 x 35 mm (4.45 x 3.86 x 1.38 inches), it is easy to mount where space is precious.

Block diagram of a video converter module
corner graphic