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GRAVity Cards: Obsolete

Great River Technology has issued an end-of-life notice for GRAVity cards, which will be sold only until the current stock is depleted.

Call GRT to discuss your future needs for data-only cards.

GRAVity Series PCIe cards were introduced in 2004 to work with PCIe Gen 1 and 32-bit operating systems. GRT recommends them only for exisiting projects using legecy environments. Performance and reliability is greatly limited in newer platforms, and GRT cannot provide integration services for those systems. For details, see Tech Note 011G: GRAVity Card Compatibility.


Legacy Data Card

The GRAVity Series HOTLink II data cards (HL2D) are flexible, off-the-shelf solutions for high-speed point-to-point data transfer using HOTLink II Fibre Channel. HOTLink II supports baud rates from 160 Mb/s to 1.062 Gb/s and is a clear choice for efficient, low overhead protocols.

The cards have a variety of applications including engineering development and factory testing of HOTLink II–based interfaces.

GRAVity data boards
GRAVity data boards. From left: PCIe, PCI, and PMC.
Order cards with any of a variety of connectors: fiber optic (dual or single channel), FSN (dual or single channel), or SMA (single channel). Select a 50Ω or 150Ω differential.

Flexible baud rate

Order cards with the HOTLink II reference frequency that exactly matches the baud rate of your system. Standard rates include:


Flexible protocol

Select one of the many standard protocol modes via software.

Mode 1: Four-byte packets
Mode 2: Variable-length data packets
Mode 3: Fixed-length data packet

Complete SDK for applications development

GRT's sofware development kit (SDK) affords quick deployment of real-time data acquisition for radar, satellite, and command and control applications. We have an SDK for Linux and Windows. Driver support for VxWorks is also available.