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GRT Part Numbers

Great River Technology revised its part numbers effective April 15, 2013. In response to customer requests for more concise numbers, we have introduced a system that remains meaningful yet increases manageablity.

As before, we identify our parts using an intelligent system—that is, one using meaningful designations for product characteristics. At the same time, we have tightened the system to avoid part number truncations that occurred in the ordering systems of some customers.

diagram of GRT part numbering system

Each GRT part number now consists of six 2-digit fields for standard configurations plus a 4-digit field assigned by GRT for customization. Hyphens can be used to separate the fields, where customers find that convenient, but the hyphens are not an element of the part numbers themselves.


GRT cards and some other products use these 2-digit fields in their part numbers:

For exmpale, the part number for a Matrix Series card for an ARINC 818 system might begin: MX-E4-A8-O3-4X-DT or MXE4A8O34XDT.

Further information

The datasheet for each product group lists the detailed information for building part numbers in that group. Datasheets are downloadable from the Resources page or from individual product pages in this website.

Legacy part numbers

Legacy part numbers will still be honored.