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VPA Improvement Manages Multiple Embedded Streams

ALBUQUERQUE, March 15, 2017—Great River Technology's Video and Protocol Analyzer (VPA) makes it easier to develop advanced capabilities of the ARINC 818 Avionics Digital Video Bus by adding Multi Stream capabilities.

Multi Stream empowers the VPA to tackle ARINC 818 interfaces with multiple embedded streams of high-speed video. For example, a system designer sending multiple sensor streams over a single cable can use it to study each component stream separately. Multi Stream is now a standard feature of the VPA. Upon receiving a signal with embedded stream, it identifies source IDs it recognizes. Unrecognized source IDs are listed and staged so that a designer can quickly assign a profile, and each component stream then can be individually analyzed.

GRT's VPA was introduced a decade ago as a key development tool for verifying compliance with the ARINC 818 standard, then newly introduced to meet expanding needs for high-speed, low-latency video in aviation. The flexibility of ARINC 818 and its capacity to utilize rapidly advancing technologies make it the protocol of choice for high-resolution displays, high-speed sensors, and other critical video systems.

A second generation VPA, introduced last year, added better profile management, pixel-to-data correlation, alternate language support on the GUI, and the ability to determine characteristics of an unknown source. An optional software development kit was also introduced.

Learn more about the VPA.

Great River Technology is the global leader in ARINC 818 development tools, embedded hardware and IP.

GRT HQ Will Handle All North American Sales

ALBUQUERQUE, September 15, 2016—Effective today, Great River Technology (GRT) is handling all North American sales through its corporate headquarters in Albuquerque. "Great customer service is a key factor GRT's continued growth," said Tim Keller, Director of Marketing, "and we feel a direct approach best serves this region. We take pride in the fact that customers often have the opportunity to work with the same engineers that designed our products here in Albuquerque."

GRT is the global leader in ARINC 818 and HOTLink™ systems. It participated in the initial development of ARINC 818 and pioneered innovations later incorporated in ARINC 818-2. The company will continue to work with distributors and value-added resellers in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East to serve our worldwide customers.

Xf Tuner: Innovation in ARINC 818 Development

ALBUQUERQUE, June 28, 2016—Take five minutes for a video tour of Great River Technology's universal ARINC 818 transmitter, the XF Tuner.

Recently introduced, the XF Tuner affords ARINC 818 system developers the ability to adjust format characteristics in real time. Quickly test the robustness of systems through its error injection features. It's a great companion product to GRT's ARINC 818 Video & Protocol Analyzer (VPA). The two can be installed togeather in our Titan, Callisto, and Europa systems.

Find a link to the XF Tuner video on our XF Tuner Product Page and download the companion datasheet while you are there.